in the light of judgement...just prayers...

I went out on a limb with that post but I had no idea it would cause this much drama. I guess I touched a nerve or two or five thousand.

Here's the thing, we are ALL God's children and we need to love each other.

We come to His altar in all shapes and sizes, some with extra equipment and some not. We are called to LOVE one another. No furrowed brow or whispered distaste. I am as guilty as the next of making a snap judgement while in a house of worship. we MUST be careful not to "enter in" when things like this happen.

I received several messages and emails from people over the last twelve hours and everyones response was as passionate as my own. I understand the feelings of rejection. BELIEVE me I do.

But I also understand that doing anything in the situation I faced OTHER THAN SAYING A PARYER for that woman and whatever was in her heart would NOT be the right thing to do.

Last night in my heart and mind I "entered in". I should have followed my own advice and just let it roll off of me. I did not. I reacted out of past rejection and pain, emotional exhaustion and a sense of duty to defend and protect that is planted deeply in my heart. That is my responsibility alone alone.

We all come into our houses of worship carrying things with us that no one can see on the inside. I have no idea what that woman had gone through in her life or had experienced earlier in the day that made her sensitive to what happened in that moment.

I know that I reacted internally in a way that now I need to seek the sacrament of reconciliation.

It was my choice to post my rant. I did pray about it before doing it. Maybe I needed to pray harder.

I posted it as a reminder that we are ALL WELCOME in the house of the LORD.

I knew that there could be a conversation started among us that I hoped would be productive about how we can help one another. Let's turn a negative situation int a positive one.

It was never my intention to cause scandal. If I have in any way...I apologize.

Blessings to you all...Let's LOVE one another as HE calls us too!

How about we ALL give that whirl for awhile and see how it changes things. May Our Lady guide our way...