mama goes down...miss courtney does better...

Hello Friends,

I know I am supposed to be posting {pretty, happy, funny, real} AND needle&thREAD but I woke up this morning with a wicked head cold that had gotten progressively worse over the course of the day. I suppose it 's a blessing in disguise given our current situation with Miss Courtney that I can't breathe. I will return next week with new posts for those two memes. I can't see straight at the moment to post a thing. Darn head cold!

There is always a bright side though. Courtney smiled yesterday. It was so wonderful to see her start to feel better. We only had one seizure yesterday and so far today we have been seizure free. That makes today a VERY good day.

So good in fact Miss Courtney wanted to tell you about it herself:

Tomorrow morning we go for blood work and hopefully this treatment will have worked in lowering her ammonia levels. I pray that is the case.

So I am headed to bed after I consume large quantities of cold medicine. Daddy is home to take over Poop Patrol. Man, I hate it when I can't breathe and my head is pounding. Not fun I tell you...not fun at all!!

Blessings friends...

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