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First, thanks for all your prayers and good wishes for my Court. We seemed to have turned a corner for good. her lungs are clear and the fever has broken. Yea!!

It's so nice to be back for needle & thREAD. I have missed not posting for the last few weeks, but then life has thrown a curve ball or two. So now that I have gotten my stamina back, it's time for a little re-org of the sewing space.

Since most of my day is spent downstairs with Miss Courtney I rarely go upstairs where most of my sewing equipment is stashed. This has lead me to make a few changes knowing that I was missing lots of small opportunities to sew throughout my day.

So I saved my pennies and waited for a sale and finally two weeks ago I purchased my very first sewing cabinet. After 24 years of sewing on the kitchen table, I now have a permanent spot to keep my machine. It's in the living room under the main window in the living room, so lots of natural light to sew by.

The cabinet extends when you open the doors. They swing out to support the arm that's folded down to the left in the photo. I will slide the chair over for when I need the table extended. All in all I am very happy with it and it was less than $100 so Yeah!!

My guys put it together in about an hour. I had to post the above photo as proof that men really do read directions!

Anyway, next up is to organize my closet filled with fabric. It is overflowing with goodness and I have gone through it twice now giving away almost five bags of fabric I knew I would not use. Now I need to get the remaining mess organized to where I know what I have and I can shop my own stash instead of going to Joanne's or shopping online.

Any ideas?? Comment away my friends!!

Now for the reading part of this post.

As you know I am a HUGE fan of mysteries and thrillers. I love the pacing and the twists and turns that keep you on the edge o your seat. Lisa Gardner is on of my favorites. Her latest "Catch Me" grabbed me from the prologue and had me up many a late night trying to figure out who did it.

Now this book is not for the faint of heart. I know many of my friends who would be horrified with the bluntness of her story telling. Not in language mind you but in topic. This particular novel deals with child abuse (in the heroines past) and child predators. She writes books that have very difficult themes but always has a happy ending.

Gardner makes me pray a little harder for those children whose lives were not protected form the ills of the world. She makes me think about the many blessings in my life and she intrigues me with her story layering and the incredible timing of her revelations in the plot of her books.

Next week I am sharing a fabulous book by one of my favorite authors. What a surprise this book was! You'll have to wait and see who/what/where. I might even have a finished sewing project to share as well.
...head on over to In the heart of my Home for more needle and thREAD...Inspiration awaits!

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