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I have been playing with my camera this week trying to figure out how to take better indoor photos. So I finally figured out how to use the "whitening" feature so my photos aren't so yellow.


This is one of my Grandmother Stuecken's tea cups I inherited when she passed away. I love the yellow flowers with the bold green leaves and gold detailing. This is the first time I have gotten the photo to look right. Every time I use this cup I say a prayer for my Grandma. She was a strong force of nature who loved her family above all.

This rack hangs in my kitchen. I think I overcorrected the light a little too much here giving the photo a little "blue" haze but at least it's not yellow. This rack was made by my father-in-law for his mother-in-law as a gift many, many years ago. In it I have tea cups from the china collections of my maternal Grandmother, my mother-in-law, my husbands godmother and my mother as well a a few gifts from my husband over the years.

Yes, I love my tea cups as much as the tea that fills them at least once a day.


So I had this crazy idea a few weeks ago to make my own spaghetti from in peeling 24 pounds of tomatoes...then grind them in a food mill...then place them in a HUGE pot...add tons of fresh summer veggies, spices and herbs, and let it simmer ALL day long.

Can I tell you how awesome it is to FINISH peeling 24 pounds of tomatoes!!!!

I am still doing the happy dance. I have discovered that this process is extremely time consuming and labor intesive.

Yes, I realize that I know every ingredient that went into that sauce and I can control the sugar, salt and everything else.

Yes, the end result was scrumdiddlyumptious...absolutely wonderful.

But I think that next time I will buy the pureed canned tomatoes and make my sauce from those. I am happy that I tried and it was a successful attempt. But given the availability of cheap canned tomatoes, I will be making some changes in the future.

A tomato bursting with the flavor of summer. Absolutely lovely.


This weekend we were visiting friends to celebrate their daughters birthday. My hubby and their dog Princess Lilo are best buddies. They are even beginning to look alike. LOL!

So last week I had my physical and the doctor and I had a conversation about my favorite summertime cream.

You see, I have gained a little weight recently given my recent change in life. I have not always handled the stress well and tend to be an emotional overeater with ice cream being my got to comfort food.

So we made a deal.

No more ice cream in the house.

I can still have it but I will not be keeping it in the house. I am OK with that. This way when I have the craving I can either make the effort to go out for some or find something healthier to answer the need.

How excited was I that HB wanted homemade ice cream cake for her birthday last weekend???

Oh sweet molly I was beyond thrilled.

Wouldn't you be???

It was divine...maybe next time I will share my "ice cream happy dance" with you. It's a gold medal performance!

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