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So happy to be back in the swing of things with regular posting. I hope your having a lovely day and enjoying the last moments of summer. Cheers!!


Yesterday was Julia Child's 100th Birthday. I made one of her stew recipes and then spent some time weeding my little patch of rose bushes. Here is a shot of my favorite rose...the Julia Child rose...the color of very pretty and smells lovely...

I spent some time in the early morning yesterday, before the sun came up weeding the roses and the veggies that are beginning to come to the end of their production. 


I remembered to put the hat on but totally forgot to put on the gloves. It was dirty but necessary work and I have to say I am glad it's done for the next few days. 

A good mornings work...a little sweat equity was required. I am slowly learning to embrace gardening. 


After all the sickness we have been dealing with in the past week, I was beside myself with JOY that I actually had the foresight to put my sheets on the line this morning. Nothing makes me happier than freshly laundered sheets right off the line. 

It was cooler this morning than in the past few days. Fall may actually arrive soon. HAPPY!!


Don't really have a funny photo this week. You can check out my needle and thREAD post  from yesterday. This is one that I shared:

Yes men really DO read directions!! Maybe you can share some fabric organization tips. I am open to anything!!

Have a great week!

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