it's working!!

Just got back form Courtney's GP appointment and I am thrilled to be able to post GOOD NEWS!! The treatment plan we have undertaken these last six weeks to lower her ammonia levels due to her horrible constipation is WORKING!! Thanks you JESUS!! High levels put stress on her kidney's and liver, add to her daily seizure load and generally make her sleepy and unresponsive.

This morning we were told that the numbers have dropped significantly!! She is "moving" things through more easily these days AND she is awake longer and humming and singing more often. Yes, there are many other challenges that she faces BUT this morning this Mama is going to stand in the happy sunshine for a little while. One victory at a time my friends!

Thank you for your prayers for our girl. Thank you for your suggestions for her constipation issues. Thank you for stopping by and checking in. We so appreciate ALL of you and we are so humbled you care so much.

God is good ALL the time!!
Mary (and a very happy Courtney!!)