First thank you...thank you to everyone single one of you who emailed, commented, facebook messages, tweeted and called over the last few days. We are fine here at Chez Lenaburg. I am getting a better grip on things, letting some things go and holding on tighter to others. The hard work is just beginning when it comes to Miss Courtney's daily care so it will take me some time to get it all in one sock. I am humbled once more by the love you have shown me and my girl. Y'all are AWESOME!!

I know the posting has been light this week. There have been some unexpected bumps in the road and my time online has been limited. Such is life. I try hard to make sure you have something new to read or a recipe to try and I am hoping my week this weeks allows for that. We shall see. I will do my best. Real life always comes first.

So today we celebrated my nephew Thomas's FIRST birthday. It was such a blast to gather with part of my rather large extended family. There was great food with a fabulous cake and awesome Pork BBQ.

But this face...

"My cake is so num num Auntie Mary..."

"You want some Auntie Mary? I'll share..."

"It's even better right of my tray. Who needs a spoon anyway..."

"What? It's frosting. You can't leave the frosting!"

...this face says it all. Where oh where did the time go...He's one...I'm old! LOL! Have a wonderful weekend all. I will see you in a few days!