still here...

Hi All!!
Yes, we're here and everyone is doing well. Miss Courtney passed her swallow test today which means we can feed her one more meal a day by mouth. YEA! So excited since my girl loves to eat. We will continue to support her by adding in several tube feedings a day so hopefully her weight will remain stable.

We have been busy with Physical Therapy once a week for Miss Courtney. She is doing so much better with her over all body strength. This Friday she does her standing test working with her gait trainer for the first time since Easter. I have high hopes that all the work we've done to regain strength in her trunk and upper body will pay off. Prayers are appreciated.

I am following my teams guidelines and am feeling so much better. Regular sleep has returned to my life and I cannot tell you how awesome that is. I have also lost 20 pounds on my way to a more significant weight loss which leads to feeling lighter ALL the way around, both physically, emotionally and spiritually.

I remind myself daily that I am not alone in this journey. God truly has been so merciful these past few months. By HIS grace go His grace alone...

The one thing I am still figuring out is how to accomplish all my daily tasks, Courtney's care, as well as time for quiet meditation and exercise and still spend time here in this space. I miss you all so much. I have so much to share. Great books, fabulous recipes and some fun sewing projects as well. I will do my best to share as I can while still maintaining a "new to me" balance in life. I have found that if I don't take the time to fill the creative vacuum, I don't have a lot to offer the world.

So, thank you so much for your prayers, your kind emails, your texts, tweets and FB posts. Miss Courtney is doing well, smiling and laughing once more. Her Mama is now joining in on the JOY train and we have you to thank!! I truly don't know what we would do without your support.


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