23 years ago...

Three generations of Lenaburg men...a legacy for sure...

Twenty-three years ago today, I became a mother for the first time.

At 2:32 a.m. the Monday before Thanksgiving, during the first snowstorm of the season in Brunswick, Maine Jonathan Douglas Lenaburg came screaming into the world.

He hasn't shut up since and I say that with love...I really do...well maybe.

Weighing in at 7 pounds, 7 oz and 20 1/2 inches long, he turned my world upside-down and right-side up. I was 22 years old and we had been married a year. Jerry and I didn't have a clue what we were doing.

We still don't...but God does and He has saved our butts more than once over the last twenty-three years believe you me.

In the first year I spent many nights pacing the floors with a colicky baby. Then he was diagnosed with asthma at the age of two.

More sleepless nights...more pacing.

Then his little sister was born and his world was turned upside-down and inside-out.

We've been through a lot in twenty-three years, my boy and I. The whole potty training thing still gives me nightmares. Thank God for Spiderman underoos...the BEST bribe ever!

Let's just say the boy is a wee bit stubborn...kinda like his Mom...or so I'm told.

I still cannot speak about teaching him long division. It required months of shock therapy to get over.

Then there was t-ball, homeschooling, Boy Scouts and learning how to drive. If you ever wonder, that's when my hair really turned gray.

I have Bill Clinton to thank for instigating "the talk". I have always gotten nervous at red lights ever since. You never knew what the boy was going to ask about.

"Mom what's a ????" 

(insert screaming here)

Jonathan re-enacting his mother's response to the "Clinton" question in 1998..."Mom what is a ????"
p.s. I was NOT wearing a pig hat at the time of said talk. 

Witty sarcasm aside, he is the BEST big brother in the world. He has always protected and loved his sister since her arrival on this planet. He has a heart as big as Texas and when he is with her, it makes my mother's heart glow with pride.

She is his first love...as it should be. It will be hard when he finally moves out..one day...some day...maybe soon...maybe...a Mom can dream you know...

Love you son...no really...we do...really...

The boy can't clean a bathroom for crap ( even though he has been instructed time and time again over the years)  but he does make the most spectacular Cindy Lou Who voice and gets his sister to giggle every single time he reads "How the Grinch Stole Christmas".

It will be hard for Courtney to adjust to no more story time with big brother.

However, his father and I will be enjoying a cocktail or three or ten.

Keeping it real friends...

So I lift my substantial glass filled to the rim with quality tequila and triple sec to toast my son on this auspicious occasion.

May you live long and prosper...and find a woman with raven hair tipped with violet.

May the force be with you...especially in parking lots.

Through Brightest Day and darkest night no evil shall escape my sight...

...yea that's right big guy...Mama'a always watchin...just sayin...

I know, I know, you love us sooooooo much. 


Happy, Happy Birthday Jonathan!! 

With love and pasta,