Hope's Angles...

Good Morning Dear Friends,

This bright and cold Monday morning finds me and the lovely Miss Courtney quite humbled by a sweet surprise bestowed on us by a sweet fellow writer Hope Ramsey.

She nominated me as one of her personal "angles" someone who inspires and encourages. To say that I am flattered and humbled really sounds almost trite. I was stunned when she wrote to let me know what she was doing, speechless really, and you know how hard that is to do! LOL!

You can read her piece here.

Here is my challenge to you. Is there someone in your life that you think of as an "angel"? Someone who is always there to help and lift you up without seeking glory for themselves?

Well here is your chance to nominate them for a special little gift this holiday season. Head on over to Hope's site and leave a nomination. Your story may be chosen for the grand prize. How cool is that?

As for me and my girl...thank you Hope. Thank you for thinking of us. Thank you for your sweet words. Thank you for the encouragement and special gift. I promise I spent it on me!!

Miss Courtney says thanks as well: