right now in my back yard...God's glory is being revealed...stunning...

Writer's block is a VERY frustrating thing. Sitting here staring at the screen not knowing what to say, yet knowing there is soooo much I want to say. I file through the memories and events of the past week and see so many opportunities for grace, where God filled in the space when I was less than adequate and I want to share them with you.

But 20 minutes later, I am still staring at the computer screen and the only word that comes to mind is...NOW...


Now I need to????

Now what????

Now is the time for????

There is nothing there in the creative tank...nadda...nothing at all...


Then it comes to me and I start to sing...

in my bathrobe...

staring at my computer...

An colorful canvas that God is painting today...amazingly beautiful...

Now thank we all our God, 
With hearts, and hands, and voices 
Who wondrous things hath done, 
In whom His world rejoices 
Who, from our mothers' arms, 
Hath blessed us on our way 
With countless gifts of love, 
And still is ours today. 

O may this bounteous God 
Through all our life be near us, 
With ever-joyful hearts 
And blessed peace to cheer us, 
And keep us in His grace, 
And guide us when perplexed, 
And free us from all ills 
In this world and the next. 

All praise and thanks to God 
The Father now to be given, 
The Son, and Him who reigns 
With Them in highest heaven: 
The one eternal God, 
Whom earth and heaven adore; 
For thus it was, is now, 
And shall be evermore.

Sing with me today as we THANK HIM for His wondrous know the have sung it for years. 

Writer's block be damned. Right NOW I will thank Him for the challenge and with an ever-joyful heart go love those He sent me to love and care for. 

On this day...

In this moment...

Right NOW...