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I have sort of a random collection this week. Miss Courtney had a very rough night/early morning today dealing with seizures so I am a bit sleep deprived. If I have shared these before, well all I can say is they made an impression on me so I am gladly sharing them once more. I hope it sounds coherent but if not, my apologies. It's one of those days.


During a recent shopping trip Miss Courtney and I discovered a new treasure...a bead store...

There were rows and rows of beautiful little baubles in all shapes, colors and sizes. It was just stunning. I did a little happy dance for joy and knew that I would need to start learning a new craft. Jewelry making anyone?

I mean look at these pretty gems...they make me so very, very happy...


Miss Courtney receives Physical Therapy once a week down at Georgetown University Hospital. It's  about a 30 min. trek if you time it right with traffic. That usually means we leave early and hang out in the cafeteria for about 30 minutes before her appointment. No complaining here. It allows me to fuel up on caffeine for the workout to come.

This is the bridge we cross every week going from VA to DC. We have found a home at the hospital and I am so thankful for that, so very thankful. The team we have put in place to assist our daughter includes doctor's and therapists from three different hospitals using two different insurance plans. It is complicated and messy but she is loved and well cared for and in the end that is all that matters.

I always appreciate the road signs when traveling into the city. Land markers make me very happy. I like knowing where I am going.

Yes, I took a picture of a road sign. What else are you supposed to do while standing still in morning traffic? Duh...

The best part of our weekly visits take place after therapy is done. We get to visit with Grandma Green who works at the university.

Yea for Grandma's!!


OK...I know I have shared this photo here and on FB but it makes me laugh every single time...

My girl is blind but her nose knows what's going on and this pumpkin pie got her attention. I mean she turned right to it.

Cracks me up.

Looking at this picture you would think she could see it.

"Is that pie I spy??" 

Too funny.


Before I got started on this years Christmas baking projects I needed to clean out our "pantry". I use that term loosely since it's really a bookcase in the kitchen. I have very little storage space in this house so improvisation is key.

I took everything off the shelves, checked expiration dates on packages, cleaned and polished the wood, then took a look at what needed to go where.

It was a big puzzle of baskets and containers.

I think it turned out pretty well...don't you??

Now to bake my buns off...join me beginning Saturday, December 1 for:
25 Days of Christmas Treats!!

Each day a new treat with recipe. It's going to be so much fun. I promise!

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