happy birthday jerry...the bacon king!

Today is the 48th Anniversary of my Beloved's birth. Yes, my guy was a New Year's Eve baby, a last minute tax deduction for his Mama and Daddy.

We will be spending the day with dear friends playing board games, video games and maybe even some Mexican Train Dominoes. The competition could be brutal. There will be laughter to be sure.

The menu will feature his favorite food item on the planet...

...you guessed it PORK. BBQ Pork Carolina style baby! He pondered that choice longer than he did the one to marry me. The man loves his pig for sure.

So today we celebrate the man who made me a wife and mother. He is the one who holds my heart from now until I take my last breath. He makes me laugh everyday and occasionally he makes me madder than a wet hen, but I love him still, now and always.

So today it's all about you Jerry Don. Pig, fried okra, coleslaw and yummy pie along with friends and family. We have a wonderful day planned for you. I hope you enjoy every minute!

I love you Bear and I am honored to walk with you each and every day through this insanity called LIFE!

Happy, Happy Birthday my love!!