prayers for courtney tomorrow 1/16/13...

Good Evening Sweet Friends,
       I am taking a short break in preparations for tomorrow mornings doctor's appointment for Miss Courtney. We will need a little prayer support beginning at 8 a.m.

       Wednesday morning Miss Courtney will be having a minor outpatient procedure to biopsy some moles that are concerning her doctors, as well as to remove some skin tags and smaller moles.
        Normally this is not something I would be worried about except a few of the moles are located in  delicate places, one of which is her bum that is covered by an adult diaper all day long. Being wheelchair bound doesn't help either. Another delicate spot is her left cheek which she wipes her hand over on and off throughout the day.

        Because of the placement of the moles, we could be in for a rough few days as the biopsy sites heal and we wait for the results. I place complete trust in the awesome physician doing the procedures tomorrow as well as his staff. I know that God will guide his hands. I ask for your prayers for him, the staff, me, Miss Courtney and my friend C who will be there to help hold Miss Courtney. She will be awake the entire time and only be receiving local anestetic. This is the safest way to do these biopsy's.

       There have been many twists and turns with Miss Courtney's care plan these past few weeks, so it's no surprise she would be facing another issue. The one thing that takes me to my knees is seeing my girl in pain and tomorrow she will be. It's something we cannot escape. Because of her liver issues, she will be taking very mild pain meds afterwards. I pray it will be enough to cover her discomfort.

      Thank you in advance for any and all prayers...blessings and grace to you and yours...Mary