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Auntie Leila is sharing some lovely photos of her Christmas crafting over at Like Mother, Like Daughter. I wish I could share some of my photos but that will have to wait a week. Our family party is this Sunday and most of what I made will be given you will have to be patient a little while longer.

In the meantime, I can share some of my favorites from the past few weeks.


This is one of my favorite photos from this year. Miss Courtney and her Daddy, laughing and enjoying the company of dear friends. These two are it should be I think.


I love Christmas. It is my favorite holiday of the year. One of my favorite traditions that we have continued from my own childhood is that St. Nicholas brings everyone a new ornament on St. Nicholas Day along with an orange and some chocolate coins of course.

This year St. Nick brought hubby a new pig ornament...

Yes, he has quite the sense of humor.

Then there is this one that gives you a little hint about one of the things that I love to do...

I love the colors, I love the quilting circle, I love the basket she is carrying...well I just love this ornament.

Then St. Nick brought something special for my daughter.

A look alike angel for my Courtney. The curls just kill me! Awesome!

Of course, it would not be Christmas without a visit from the Grinch. After all Jerry is a close relation ya know...LOL!


I have been working very hard these past few months to lose weight and make better food choices. In the process I have lost about 20 pounds. Some days have been easier than others but in the end there is one fabulous result...I get to buy new clothes!! With Christmas fast approaching, I suggested to my hubby that he wrangle my best friend to go Christmas shopping with him, since clothing was on my wish list and my husband is not the most gifted shopper.

Now one thing you need to know about me is that I LOVE color. My personal style is using color mixed with classic silhouettes, then add a little bling and a mixture of patterns and Shazam! You have me!  Needless to say, the two of them hit it out of the park in the gift giving arena.

I think the picture speaks for itself...

Uummm...I really wanted a pair of red pants. Then there was the stunning paisley blouse. I was very, very you can see...

This was a pair of winter white pants and a stunning silk blouse with a little bling at the neckline. Oh I was a very happy girl. Thanks Christine for all your help and inspiration.


There was a lot of baking this season as well. One of my favorite recipes was my Grandmother Stuecken's Anise Seed Cookies. They are so very, very good...

I am the third generation to make these lovely little gems. I love family traditions that extend to the kitchen. You can find the link for this recipe and all the others I made in the past few weeks on my Recipe Catalog page. It's worth the visit I promise!

Next week I will share photos of my Christmas crafting since the gifts will be given. I hope you'll come back for a visit. Until then HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

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