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It has been quite the week filled with Doctor's visits, a physical therapy appointment, and lots of Miss Courtney drama. Things are still unsettled, but we are staying the course. Hopefully her seizures will calm down as we continue with the med changes. Next week there will be more doctor and therapy appointments as well as blood work...lots of blood work.

Please keep those prayers coming. We will figure this whole liver enzyme thing out in time. I have faith that we will. Patience and prayer are the name of the game these days.

I have spent lots of time going through photo's from the holidays and decided today I would share some taken the night of my husband's 48th birthday on New Year's Eve. It was quite the evening.

The prep work started the night before when Jerry and I began making the southern pork BBQ that he requested for his birthday dinner. First we chose a recipe from Jerry's favorite cookbook "Pig--King of the Southern Table."

He absolutely LOVED the first gift I gave home for his big day, "the" BACON shirt he has been wanting for the last several months. I must admit, it must be a pretty awesome t-shirt as t-shirt's go. He was happy and that's all that matters.

So first up was making the BBQ sauce while the pork was boiling in an herbal bath. Once the pork was cooked and began to pull away, we let it cool and pulled it apart. then we married the sauce with the pork and let it marinade ALL night long.

It was a vinegar based sauce and had quite the twang to it. We are fans of the Carolina BBQ compared to the dry rubs of Texas. Jerry also added a little of his secret ingredient, Jameson's. We slow cooked the sauce for almost three hours. It was delish!

The next day we headed over to our friends house to spend the day watching football, eating good food, and playing a board game or two.

Check out the plate. there is that fabulous Pork BBQ sandwich, my friend Christine's Black-Eyed Peas, and a lovely spinach salad. All of my husbands favorites. He was one happy man.

Then it was game time. This year we passed by the Scrabble and played Quelf. This game is a mixture of Charades, Trivial Pursuit and Truth or Dare. It is a blast to play in a group of extroverts which the majority of us are.

The following pictures were taken during the course of the game. The captions speak for themselves.

Courtney deciding if Nicholas smells better than big brother Jonathan--He does!  Deodorant is a beautiful thing...just kidding...or not...maybe...

My BFF had to make a Halloween mask out of random objects....she decided to be a mummy!  Typecasting, I know..

Lilo was so confused...who is this strange woman?  She doesn't look right.....

Jerry had to spend a turn under the table...needless to say he was very sneaky....

Then there was PIE! Apple Pie which is one of my hubby's favorites. It was so very, very good. The crust was perfect and the apples still had a little bite to them. No mush here. 

Miss Hannah did a spectacular job baking it and as you can see Jerry was thrilled to receive such a gift.

Yes, we are that crazy! LOL!

So until next on...

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