the huddle...

There are about six of them huddled in the middle f the nurses station. White lab coats signify their elevated status as Doctor, Physician and Healer.

Their pockets overflow with stethoscopes, notepads, pagers, pens and calculators. They are single, married, parents to one, parents to none.

They are currently deciding the best course of action for my daughter. There is heated debate followed by calm reasoned discussion.

They order blood tests, urine samples and more blood tests. I hear the words "spinal tap" and my hands go numb.

Dear Lord not that. Those are horridly painful. Not that. 

They discuss MRI's and EEG's. There are ammonia levels and valproic (sp?) acid levels.

They go back and forth for almost two hours.

Do we take her off the drug? If so what will it do to her seizures? Increase them? Decrease them? What will happen to her liver and kidneys if she stays on the drug? Will they crash? Will we send her home only to have her return time and time again with these same issues.

The Neurology team gets a shot to propose a plan. The Peds team has another one. The Nephrology team has another one. Every single one of them using their knowledge and education trying to help my daughter be well once more.

This is known as "the huddle" in my world. This is where the game plan changes. This is where everyone shares their best guess on could go wrong and what could go right.

I sit by my daughter's bedside and I wait for her fate to be decided by these learned men and women.

Then they approach the dugout and we begin the debrief.

They still don't know why Courtney is so sleepy and lathargic. They are chasing down some leads through blood work and she will most probably have a spinal tap in the morning. This procedure is not an easy one especially for someone who has lower lumber scholiosis. Please pray that they are successful with the test if it's needed.

Next up we deal with Neurology. As I type this she is being hooked up to and EEG machine to make sure nothing has changed within the electricity of the brain. So far she is tolerating things well. This is when her lethargy and sleepiness work in our favor.

If the EEg comes back clean, as in no idiopathic changes, then tomorrow morning we will being a ten week course of lowering her Depakote doses until she is completely weened off the med. We will start at the hospital and then if she handles the first day or so well, we can handle the rest at home.

If she begins to experience a serious increase in seizures, then everything stops and we keep her on the med.

Right now their number one concern is why she is requiring so much fluid to keep her blood pressure stable. They are running test and test and still we have no clear answer. So the searching continues. She is safe, comfortable and warm. No smiles yet, but I pray they will come in time.

So we will remain in the hospital for at least the next 24 hours if not 48. If Courtney does well and doesn't have any more issues with her blood pressure or seizures, they will let us go home this weekend.

I think.

Over the course of the last 24 hours we have been surrounded by legions of prayer warriors all storming the Gates of Heaven for Miss Courtney. Thank you so much. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You humble us with your support.

Many of you have asked how you can help our sweet girl. With this new round of hospitalization there will be many bills to pay. On the advice of dear friends we have decided to place this Paypal button on the blog for now to allow those that feel called to assist our girl in this manner.

All of her other needs are being met. Through these donations we hope not have to take on further medical debt, so thank you for your kindness.

Know that we appreciate all your prayers and practical help. We could not make this journey without so many walking with us in love.

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