This is Master Bryce. He came to visit his buddy Miss Courtney today.

Miss Courtney is having a little trouble with the med changes the doctor's have ordered. The results is that her seizures have increased and therefore she sleeps...alot.

Master Bryce wanted to tell me that his buddy was "seepin". I told him that his "tomato" hat was dapper.

We enjoyed a lovely visit with him and his sweet Mama, Miss Cathy. There was hot chai tea, chocolate dipped coconut macaroons and some much needed friendly conversation. I am blessed that so many care for our girl and want to spend time with her, even as she sleeps.

Thank you Master Bryce for coming and spending time with your buddy Miss Courtney. We so enjoyed the visit.

If your in the neighborhood stop in and say hello. Miss Courtney may be sleepy but her Mama would love the company.

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