what I wore sunday...vol. 1

This is a new thing for me here at Passionate Perseverance. I am going to join in the "What I Wore Sunday" link up over at Fine Linen and Purple, which is a sweet little fashion blog that I have been following for some time. These lovely young woman celebrate faith, modest fashion and natural beauty. I love their creativity and their humor.

Now I realize that I will probably the oldest one in the bunch but I figured age is only in the mind, and I love the idea of stepping out of my box, so here we go. You lovelies get to see what I wear to church on Sunday.

I know... the excitement is palbable. So without further ado...my stunning Sunday ensemble...

 I know, I know, I take your breath away. Your so kind (blushing or not).

Let me tell you why I am so excited about this outfit. Everything I am wearing is new and two sizes smaller than what i was wearing last winter.

THAT is something to get excited about!

Since we live on an extremely tight budget in my house, I am a sale hog. I use coupons, watch for clearance sales and generally shop the discount venues whenever possible.

My top is from Lane Bryant purchased for 40% off. Yea! You can find something similar here. They have some fabulous sales for all you voluptuous lovelies out there.

The trousers are from Dress Barn, again 40% off. Here they are. They are beyond comfortable.

The shoes are fun. They came from Target and are like a million years old but so much fun. A little party on my feet. They make me smile.

I have a ton of inexpensive costume jewelry. This Christmas my sweet hubby gave me these little baubles in my stocking. They come from Chico's and are a sweet shade of grey blue and an opalescent grey. LOVE them!

Hey, that wasn't so bad.

I am not all together comfortable taking all these pictures of myself, but stepping outside my comfort zone is what a new year is all about. Thanks for hanging with the old lady everyone.

See you next Sunday!

So take a photo and join us won't you? Head on over to FineLinenandPurple and link up. It's a party!