7 quick takes...

~ 1 ~
I got my first pair of rain boots a few months ago and I finally got the chance to wear them today. I heart these wellies. I truly do. They make me happy. 

~ 2 ~
I am struggling to come up with seven things today. All I can think about is if I should dye my hair or not. I know, I know it's not world peace but it is consuming my every thought. This whole gray hair thing is really throwing me for a loop. I mean I have died my hair for twenty years and only stopped three months ago when my BFF challenged me to go au natural and no I was not drinking at the time.  Now I am freaking out. I totally get the pitch about embracing my age and where I am today, but to me in my mind, I am still that twenty year old whipper-snapper who dove off the cliff and figured out out to land on the way down, not the tired middle aged chick staring back at me every morning. 
To dye or not to dye...that is the question. 

~ 3 ~
Go read this post. So good. Made me think about the power of a read aloud. Made me cry. Loved it!

~ 4 ~
Let's talk snack food shall we? I have a new favorite (now that I have detoxed from Dorito's). This popcorn is seriously addictive but oh so yummy. 

What's your favorite snack food??

~ 5 ~
OK...that's four...now I need five...ummmmm five...five...
still obsessing over the whole dyeing the hair thing...maybe I will try something like this ...
what??? too much???

~ 6 ~
I have been taking some fashion risks lately...like this one...

polka dots and plaid...I think it worked...what do you think?? Just ignore the greying temples...

~ 7 ~
YES!! I came up with seven...for the grande finale...this weeks gratuitous photo of the lovely Miss Courtney...I know..she's pretty irresistible...she always makes me smile. On this day she totally rocked the orange...ROCKED it!!

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