7 quick takes...

~ 1 ~ 
Did you hear our news...did you hear??? This morning I am on a good news high/hangover. Miss Courtney had another peaceful night and I am so very grateful to God for the gift of this beautiful child. Today we head back to PT for the first time in a month. We'll see how the princess feels about that. 

~ 2 ~
For the first time in forever I did not give up sweets for Lent. I am doing something much more difficult for me. Getting up early and praying...ugh. It's not the praying part that's hard, it's the early part. My spiritual director also gave me a few things to do as well. It feels like the "Lenten Pile On" but it's all good...at least I think it is...I'm too tired right now to really focus. Thank God I didn't give up coffee. That would have been utter disaster. 

~ 3 ~
So since I didn't give up dessert, I have been trying to find some inspiration for "lighter" desserts. Just a little sweet something to take the edge off and not add another inch to my thighs. I found these the other day. What do you think? Have any recipes to share?? Please do. 

~ 4 ~ 
Speaking of recipes, did you know I have a ton of meatless recipes cataloged here on this sight with pictures and everything?? There are some real gems there to help with your Lenten meal planning. Check them out. 

Black Bean Soup with Jalepeno
~ 5 ~ 
I saw this little exchange on my friend T's facebook page this morning and laughed. A little Pope humor to start your day...

A friend: "What does it mean if there is smoke coming out of the heat vent in my car?"
Me: "What color is the smoke?"
Friend: "Uh . . . white."
Me: "Obviously, a conclave of tiny Cardinals has just elected a mini-Pope behind your dashboard."
I am not the person to go to with automotive questions.

I know, it's silly but come on, you chuckled just a little bit didn't you?? 

~ 6 ~ 
THESE!!! I want these for breakfast tomorrow morning. Oh smack...one should not be writing out their 7 Quick Takes when they are hungry. 

~ 7 ~ 
Well we could not end this lovely visit without a beautifully stunning picture of my girl, the one and only Courtney. I know, I know, she's pretty amazing. Thanks for your continued prayers for her and her Mama and Daddy. We are so incredibly blessed. 

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