what i wore sunday...vol 4...the emergency room edition...

Well today did not really go as expected.

The original plan was quite simple. Mass. Brunch with dear friends to celebrate Miss Courtney's return to the outside world. Then home for homemade wings and the Superbowl.

Instead, about 90 minutes after the pictures below were taken, we ended up in the Fairfax ER with Miss Courtney.

She seemed fine when we awoke this morning. Wasn't running a fever or fussy at all. We went to Mass  just like every Sunday. When we arrived, I noticed Miss C was not happy about being in her whelchair. She kept thrusting her legs out and was trying to wiggle her way out of the side braces. She called out a time or two and I was able to hush her and keep her calm.

Then after the homily by Fr. B, she began to cry. I mean tears and all. She was shaking her head violently and kicking her legs. We beet feet out of the sanctuary and tried to calm her down in the vestibule. We took her out of her chair thinking that would make her happy. I tried sitting with her on a little sofa and she would have none of it. She thrashed and kicked and cried.

Now Courtney cannot speak. She cannot tell me what hurts and what doesn't. I will admit that this is one of the most difficult things about raising a special needs child who is non-verbal and severely developmentally delayed. When you need to know what's wrong, they cannot tell you with words.

I went through all my check lists.

Shoes too tight - nope

Tap her G-tube to remove excess gas - done

Check arms, legs, ankles and elbows for broken, swollen or anything sprained. Check shoulder for dis-location.

She was still yelling and crying. I look helplessly at my husband and he just looked defeated.

"We don't have a choice. She's crying like she's in great pain and we can't get her calmed down. We have no choice. We have to go to the hospital."

When your kid can't talk to you, your choices are limited.

So we quickly got her strapped back into her chair which just about sent her over the edge. We headed for the closest ER which happened to be Fairfax.

FOUR HOURS! It took FOUR HOURS of waiting in a hallway surrounded by puking, hacking, plague ridden sick people from various countries around the world, before we were finally seen and given a room.

The entire time, my girl was crying and squirming before finally, blessedly falling asleep in her wheelchair. She didn't have a fever either. I had no clue what was wrong and put out the word for prayers because my imagination was running away with me at that point.

Finally there were blood tests, x-rays, IV's placed, flu swabs taken, catheters placed and at least three nurses and two Docs seen before we finally had a answer.

A massive double-ear infection and possible ear drum rupture. there was too much junk to really see. SO they flushed her ears out, gave her drops to numb them, administered a super dose of IV antibiotics and after a total of FIVE and ONE-HALF HOURS, they sent us home with more meds.

Yea team!

Miss Courtney is now home and smiling thanks to some serious pain killers and antibiotics. Mommy is thankful for the Popeye's Drive-Thru and the 24 hour CVS. Daddy is thankful for his dear friend Sam Adams Winter Brew.

So let's take a look at the latest ER fashion shall we.

Miss Courtney is wearing a lovely wool coat from Old Navy at a70% off season end sale thank you very much. She wore them with a pair of lovely persimmon colored corduroy pants from the Gap. She wore layers with a pir of cream wool tight from LL Bean and her Mary Janes from Stride Right.

As for her me, well winter white was my friend. I wore a pair of winter white trousers from the Charter Club at Macy's, given to me for Christmas. The blouse is also from Charter Club at Macy's, another Christmas gift from my husband. The sweater is from Kohls and at least three years old. The shoes are hand-me-ups from my little sister who happens to wear the same size as I do and has fabulous taste in shoes.

I got my hair cut yesterday and am not really happy with it. It's too short. I guess time will be my friend as it grows out. After the day we've had, it really doesn't matter much. LOL!

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