what i wore sunday...vol 5...

I was out the door at 7 this morning for Mass. I have been doing the single-parent thing this weekend while my hubby is on the High School Youth Retreat. I was supposed to be with him, but my Mom got sick and couldn't stay with Courtney, so home for me it was. Since Court is still semi-hombound, my son and I split for Mass. I headed out without a stitch of make-up on and my hair looking grayer by the second and embracing my pre-lenten purple...

I had kind of a hair break down earlier this week. I promised myself I was going to embrace my natural self as I head toward my 46th birthday this next fall. I didn't realize how emotionally attached I am to my hair and the auburn color of my youth. It's hard to explain but I've had to take some time to think about the "why" of coloring my hair for another 20 years. I'm still thinking and working through it. For now I am going with "It's what God gave me" and "I've earned every single one of those gray hairs". Eventually I will make a choice one way or the other. Age is an attitude not a number or a color. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

My outfit:
Purple scarf : Dress Barn
Bracelet: Francessca's Boutique
Paisley Chiffon "Bubble" Blouse : Dress Barn
Purple Sparkly Hoops : Lane Bryant
Black "Skinny" Jeans : Lane Bryant
Purple Patten Leather Flats : Target

So this week Miss Courtney and I had a fabulous week. Absolutely nothing happened. No ER visits, no Doctors visits, no medical crisis of any kind. YES!! It is a miracle and we are thrilled that God allowed us a little rest.

She has done so well with the lowering of her Depakote seizure meds. No real issues so far which is just miraculous. She is more alert and aware of her surroundings than she has been in years. It's been so wonderful. So very cool.

Of course since I headed out to mass at 7 am, Miss Courtney was still in bed. She was NOT having anything to do with getting up. So this is how I found her at 8:30 when I got home. What did Miss Courtney wear this morning...

Yes, ladies and gents...she and her puppy stayed in bed until later. She was quite annoyed with her Mama as you can see from that fabulously loving look she gave me.  Take a look at her hair!! Yep, that's going to be a problem later. She wore her flannel jammies for most of the morning. I wish I could have stayed in mine.

So there you have it. Not our best effort, but that is where life leads us today. Have an awesome week everyone!

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