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It's was up and down at the beginning of the week and then it just got better and better. We have hit our stride now...I think...We are close to the finish line of getting her off the Depakote completely (hence my photo finish above...LOL!) Miss Courtney continues to astonish us all. Since starting her on a new med Monday at 9 p.m. she has not had one seizure. Not one!! The last time she went five days without a seizure she was ten years old. Absolutely miraculous and we are so grateful for every moment.

She is smiling, laughing, and basically demanding attention and we are A-OK with that. This morning the next test began. We started to wean her off the remaining Depakote, which should take about two weeks if she continues to be seizure free. So far so good.

We continue to pray the 30 days of Prayer to St. Joseph for her continued good health as well as for my husbands job situation. He works in the defense industry and if you have been watching the news, sequestration is not our friend. So we pray for protection for our whole family and our future.

Please feel free to join us...you can find the prayer here...

Just how excited are we about Miss Courtney's miraculous turnaround...well we're jumping for joy! Just for the record, I actually did jump and yes, I cleared all of three inches off the ground...in heels...badass I  know...or just plain crazy...the jury is still out on that one...anyway...

OK now on to the fashion part...what Miss Courtney and I wore today. Miss C was NOT in the mood to have photos taken, hence the semi-grumpy face, but Mama persevered. She embraced the Lenten season with this mornings choice. She wore shade of purple that went with her plaid wool skirt. Of course there was hair bling as well.

Courtney's Outfit :
Plaid wool skirt : Xmas gift 2012 from Grandma G, from LLBean
Purple Turtleneck : same as above
Lavender V-Neck cardigan : Gap, spring 2013, (purchased at wicked sale with coupon)
Grey Wool Tights : LLBean
Black suede boots : Jessica Simpson line at Stride Rite, purchased 2011
Grey Wool Beaded hairband : Charming Charlie

Now for Mama. I must admit, I had a little fun with this one. I got into my closet last night and tried a bunch of stuff on only to find that many of them were too big!! I know, a lovely problem to have and one quite frankly I am not quite used to. For instance the pants I chose today are a little too big in the waist but I really like them. So I wore a camisole underneath my blouse and tucked it in. Just enough to help them not fall down to my hips. i may actually spend the ten bucks and have them taken in so I can wear them through the Spring.

If you haven't guessed already, i like costume jewelry, especially fi it sparkles a little. So this bracelet is one of my faves. It's made with elastic string for my not so delicate wrist size and is one of my go to pieces when I wear black and white/cream. Lane Bryant 50% off...a real steal.

OK, the earring are large hoops with little crystal bling that catches the light really well. I though they complimented the top of my blouse with it's sweet little embellishments well. The shoes are jessica Simpson from DSW like three years ago. They are actually quite comfortable and I wear them a lot in the spring and summer. Yes, my toes are blue, on purpose. When i actually splurge on a pedicure, I indulge my inner twelve year-old with my toe color. Hey, a girl has to have fun ya know.

The cropped pants are from Dress Barn and I really like the side button detailing. I wore these ALL the time last spring and summer. Such a comfy pair of stylish pants. So love them!

It was hard to get a really good picture of my lipstick color. I love this shade sort of a redish hot pink combo, really bright and really happy. It's Revlon Creme #720 "Fire and Ice" which kind of describes me to a tee. I think my hubster would agrees...don't you??

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