miracles abound...

Miss Courtney continue's to "wake-up" once more.

She is humming and singing with her legs swinging from her chair. She is smiling and drooling and wants to eat all the time.

Yesterday in physical therapy she stood in her stander for 15 minutes, happily. She has not had the strength to do that in almost 18 months!

Not only that but she moved a little ball toward her purposefully using her hand. I taped the top of her hand telling her to move the ball toward her...and she DID it!! TWICE!! I was beaming and tears streamed down my face then I looked over at Pam her therapist and she was crying.

Courtney has not "moved" anything in over three years. Absolutely amazing to witness.

It is a moment I will hold close for a very long time. My girl moves people and inspires them to NEVER give up! She does it for her Mama every single day.

I sit in awe of what God is doing for my girl one more time. So far only 1-2 seizures a day that are less than two minutes each. She holds her one and smiles when they finish. I can handle it if she can.

The next med decrease is Sunday. Only three more to go and she is completely off the Depakote. The wonder of His grace astounds me...humbles me...feeling very small in His great big world today.

Yours prayers continue to create one miracle after another. Not only is she holding her own, but due to your generosity we have been able to pay every single medical bill that has come our way in the last five weeks without taking on more debt. Absolutely amazing. We are just overwhelmed with your kindness and great love for our daughter and our family.

Blessings to you and those you love...with a humble and very full heart,
Mary, Jerry, Jonathan and Courtney

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