snowquester 2013...

Living outside the nations capital in Northern Virginia winter weather always brings some excitement to the area. We have ben waiting all winter for a little snow and today we finally saw some accumulation. Of course according to the local broadcast, this could be the end of the world as we know it. Power outages, a foot of snow and high winds. Our weatherman can be a little dramatic.

So far the power has held steady as the wind blows. There might be two inches on the ground of a wet slushy mess. It will get ugly when it freezes over tonight. In the meantime we are all snuggled down for a quiet day here in Lenaburgland. We slept in and are now all in sweats and sweaters holed up in our favorite spots.

There was bacon, scrambled eggs and blueberry pancakes for brunch and the crock pot is now filled with a lovely pot roast for supper. The iPod is playing Vivaldi. Hot tea is my constant companion. Miss Courtney continues to be seizure free as we have finished taking her off the Depakote.

MIss Courtney got a bath this morning so her curls are out in full force. Papa has enjoyed reading her books this morning as well as singing a few Garth Brooks classics. Yes, our girl loves her some country music just like Jerry.

Amazingly enough in this photo above she is actually asleep next to her Papa on the sofa. Yes, sometimes my daughter sleeps with a smile on her face. The innocence of this face just slays me. She is so beautiful...I am so damn lucky to be her Mama. Thank you Lord for the privilege. 

God has blessed us immeasurably these last few days with a sense of peace. I will admit that the rest from all the medical drama has been wonderful.

The only bad news is that I dropped my NikonD3000 on the floor this morning as I tripped over the carpet and the lens was completely broken off in half. It's a mess. The camera body seems fine but the only lens I own is toast. much for no drama. Sheesh...I take so many's going to be interesting for sure.

So enjoy these pictures. I can't afford to replace the lens right now so you will be stuck with iPhone photos for the near future. Yay you!!

Happy SnowQuester 2013!!

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