what i wore sunday...vol.12...the easter edition...

Jerry and Jonathan doing their very best "civil war soldier pose"... goofballs!
Jerry is wearing a suit from JosephABanks bought on a fabulous sale four years ago. Jonathan is wearing khakis and blazer from JCPenney. Both the ties are Jerry's and were Christmas gifts from Courtney. She has such good taste.

Happy Easter!!
He is Risen!! He is Risen Indeed!!

Me and my beloved...25 years of Easter celebrations under our belts now...
Last night we attended our parishes Easter Vigil Mass. I so love this liturgy. The candles, the readings. the lights coming on for the Gloria, the bells, finally singing the Alleluia...oh how I missed the Alleeluia. We are an Easter people and it is a glorious day! I hope your spending it with loved ones, enjoying Christ's beautiful message of love and peace.

The two pieces of my heart...Jonathan and Courtney.
Miss Court was NOT in the mood for photo taking last night but Mama took them anyway.
 I'm just mean that way. 

As you know, I have lost about 25 pounds in the last few months so when I was thinking about what I would wear to this High Holy Mass, I knew I would have a few more options than in years past.

My first born...Jonathan Douglas. You don't see him often on these pages (by his request).
Oh how I love this handsome young man.
God truly blessed me with the son of my heart and the very BEST big brother for Miss Courtney. 

I have always loved this style of dress but have not ever been able to fit into something like it. Too round about the middle. When I was shopping for a new dress a few weeks ago, I was excited to see that Macy's Charter Club had a similar version that I had seen at Talbots for half the price.

It has POCKETS!! I heart pockets!!

The fact that there was a coat that went with it made me even happier. I got two different sizes thinking that I really couldn't get into the smaller one.

Dress and Coat/Macy's Charter Club, Purse/Target, Pearls/Gifts from my husband on the birth of each of our children, Nude Pumps/DSW.

BUT I DID!! Wahoo! I did it and it was comfortable. All that sweating, huffing, puffin and portion control actually paid off! Sweet Mama...let's do that happy dance together shall we. Now pass me a donut!

My hair took me an hour...for the "casual look". LOL!

Miss Courtney's outfit is truly an orifinal. My sweet friend Kathy Giles Siedel is a gifted seamstress and when she recently visited we got to talking about my challenges in finding an appropriate length skirt for Courtney, where she can sit comfortably in her wheelchair , cross her legs and not "flash" anyone.

Skirt/a KGS Original, Mary Janes/Stride Rite, Lace Tights/Macy's, White Sweater/Target,
Ice Blue Silk Camp Shirt/Joe Fresh line @ JCPenney's

She has a few suggestions and before I knew it, she had offered to make Miss C a tiered peasant skirt for Easter. We headed to the fabric closet and came up with a sweet combo. I love it. It is long enough and has plenty of room for her to move. She is making her a second skirt to go with her neon pink sweater. I can't wait to see what she looks like in it.

I love the pattern mix Kathy chose as well as the stunning piping she made.
 Such talented friends I am blessed with. Thanks so very much Miss Kathy!!

Thanks Kathy for sharing your gifts with my sweet Courtney (and for saving her Mama a serious migraine trying to get it all done).

Can't have a post without her amazing curls...

So that's what we wore to Easter Vigil. I pray that you and those you love a very Blessed and Most Happy and Holy Easter from our home to yours.

NEVER trust the man when there is a camera around...NEVER!! LOL!!

Here is a parting shot of our Easter table set for brunch with our wedding china, flowers my beloved surprised me with yesterday and of course a chocolate bunny for everyone .

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Freckles in April

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