what i wore sunday...vol.8...

Well actually it should be "What I wore Saturday night" or maybe even "Why Mary should never wear horizontal stripes!" Oh my word...this was not my best fashion choice. UGH!

Jerry has been gone all week on travel and returned in the wee hours of Friday morning, only to turn around and head back in for another full day at the office. (Sequestration is going to be awesome for our home life, I can already tell!) Anyway, Saturday morning was filled with our first of the month errand marathon; groceries, dry cleaning, more groceries, Wal-mart for paper goods, etc...,finding Miss Courtney a long enough skirt to wear for Easter (this one was a total fail. mama is going to have to make it...sigh), etc. etc. etc.

Just for the record, my beloved HATES errands and shopping of any kind, except the book store, then he cooperates fully!

By the time we got home with Miss C and put everything away had a little nosh it was already 3 p.m. Our son was heading home from an early shift at work and offered to stay with his sister when Jerry got it in is head that we needed a date.

Just the two of us.

Mass, movie, dessert. This way we could just be home today and totally chill out. I jumped on board and grabbed a warm, soft sweater then fed Miss C and was ready to bolt by 4. Jerry mentioned that we had time to take some photos for WIWS, since I probably didn't want anyone to see me in my famous yoga pants today.

Truer words were never spoken my friends. No yoga pant photos here...not happenin!

So, he took a shots of me then Miss Courtney in her Saturday outfit and off we went. I loaded them into iPhoto this morning and YOWZA!! All I see is bright, wide stripes. OH.MY. What was I thinking??? Holy moly, it looked so much better in my head, so much better. Nope I didn't look in a full length mirror yesterday. I was moving to fast.

SO lesson learned. This warm, soft sweater will remain in the "only worn at home where no one can see that I am still as wide as a barn door."

My only saving grace is the sparkly flats. Sparkles make every outfit better don't you think? Yet another bargain from La Target...

My Outfit:
Sparkly flats : Target (three years ago at least)
Soft striped sweater: Lane Bryant
Orange "Skinny" jeans: Target (Christmas present)
Scarf : Charming Charlie's
Hoop Earrings : Lane Bryant

Miss Courtney has had some ups and downs this week but is going strong with the Depakote reduction.  He last dose will be administered on Tuesday night. Then she is FREE of that one drug. She is still having a few breakthrough seizures but they are not too bad. She is much more awake these days which presents it's own wonderful challenges that I am more than happy to deal with.

I dressed her in a more collegiate look yesterday. I love the classic blue and yellow combo and she look really good in it with her blond curls. I took these photos Saturday evening as we were headed out the door. She looks thrilled to be left behind doesn't she??? Not so much.

Thank goodness big brother pulled out the big guns and read to her form their favorite book "The Winnie the Pooh Treasury". Works like a charm every time.

Jerry and I had a lovely time. After Mass we went and saw "Safe Haven". I am a HUGE Nicholas Sparks fan. It was a good movie (not counting the sex scene, which sadly wasn't necessary to the story). There were some great twists that had the audience gasp a time or two. I of course had read the book so was prepared.  Then we went to our favorite book store shared a cream puff and coffee, talked and checked out a new cookbook. They are a shared passion. I cook, he eats! LOL!

Courtney's Outfit:
Golden Yellow Sweater: Old Navy
Blue Patterned Blouse: Old Navy
Boyfriend Jeans: Gap
Shoes: Stride Right

So there you have it. I pray you all are having a good Lent and that life is treating you well. I know in my house we are astounded once more at the generosity of Our Lord.

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