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Good Morning Everyone!!

First thanks so much to the ladies at Fine Linen and Purple for posting my Lenten reflection this morning called "A Date with God". I hope you receive whatever you need to from those words. The Holy Spirit guided them. I appreciate the opportunity to share how the Lord moves in my heart at times.  So thanks ladies...

I hope you have enjoyed a fairly productive week. Things here at Chez Lenaburg are going pretty well. Miss Courtney is just an amazing warrior. She wakes smiling each day and is enjoying mostly seizure free days. Only two major seizures in three days and she has handled them fairly well. So, who knows what the weeks ahead will bring. As always in our house, it's one day at a time.

This morning this sun is shining and you can feel spring fast approaching. So I went for it with my color choices. I know, you're really surprised aren't you? LOL! As i am sure you are figuring out by now, I am not a wallflower kind of girl. I like color and I am not afraid to use it. As I lose more weight, I have begun adding a piece to my wardrobe here and there.

This weeks addition, thanks to a FABULOUS 40% off sale at Lane Bryant, I purchased this orange pencil skirt. I LOVE it!! You will be seeing it a lot here at WIWS, so I hope you like it too. It should be fairly easy to take in as I continue to reshape my body.

I also joined the "Bubble" necklace club. I purchased a few of these happy little numbers  for only $10 a shot on Amazon.com. Cute costume jewelry makes me so happy. I know it's silly, but then so am I most of the time.

Mary's Outfit:
Orange Pencil Skirt/Lane Bryan Collection
Orange Belt/ Lane Bryant
Bubble necklace/Amazon.com
Gold "Rose" Bracelet/Charming Charlies
Blue Blouse (a Christmas present)/Charter Club, Macy's
Nude Pumps/Payless.

Courtney and her Papa...LOVE!!

Miss Courtney went for the bohemian/preppy mix look this morning. She got her hair cut yesterday, and so now her curls are in a little bob. We are growing her hair out for the first time ever. I am not sure how long we will let it get but it's fun watching her hair bounce when she's happy.

I dressed her in a long skirt this morning. She likes to cross her legs, as you know, so the length of a skirt takes on vital importance when going out. I would be mortified if she "flashed" anyone at church. It's hard enough to keep her shoes on her, let alone allow for modest leg crossing.

We are desperate for spring. It means Miss Courtney and I can return to our daily walks without freezing off important appendages. It means we can get the grill out and fire that baby up. It means sunshine and garden prep and frost porch sitting.

I can't wait!!

Courtney's Outfit:
Jean Jacket/ the Gap
Long "flowering" skirt/ Forever 21
Pink Sweater (that I used as a blouse)/ Target
Wool tights/ LLBean
Pink Headband/ Charming Charlies
Navy Blue Mary Janes/ Stride Right

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