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{pretty, happy, funny, real}

Beautiful flowers that my husband brought me since I can't go anywhere
for ten days. Oh, how I love this man!

Good Morning dear ones. it has been a long night here at Chez Lenaburg. Illness is never an easy thing for Miss Courtney to deal with in addition to her daily seizures and other complications stemming from her disabilities. Miss Courtney had a rough time trying to sleep last night. She is so congested that her breathing is labored and she just could not find a comfy spot to try to sleep in. Add in the major gastro-intestinal distress and it's a superior challenge to keep her comfy and calm.

I know, I know, a photo of a kleenex box?? well it's pretty and since I have gone through an entire one with Miss Courtney over the last 24 hours, dealing with snot extraordinare...I thought I would share my pretty box. It's the little thing that make me smile :)

Thank goodness for her hospital bed she sleeps in. I was able to adjust it to an almost sitting position. She finally sell into a solid deep sleep around 2 a.m. this morning. At 6 a.m. the hacking cough began. All I can do is hold her and watch for any distress.

There have been LOTS of loads of laundry...LOTS of laundry!!

I would love for someone to hold me in my distress. hold me, please...

One lesson I have learned in the long run of carrying for a medically fragile child, is that when we enter into these times of isolation, in order to counter act my natural inclination of disappearing into my yoga pants wearing self-pity party, to turn outward and as Sister France Verna used to say "offer it up".

Late night the Deen cookbook...looking forward to making a few recipes from it. 

You all have done a wonderful job of sending me emails and leaving comments on yesterdays posts asking for prayers. Thank you so much. PLEASE keep them coming.

Leave them here in the comment section or email me:

still running a fever today, finally asleep by 3 a.m.

Every time I change a diaper, I pray.

Every time I give her a tube feeding of Pedialyte, I pray.

Holding her last night as she was crying and trying to get comfortable, I prayed.

Today there will be many more opportunities for prayer...many, many more.

so thankful for instant oatmeal...a late night snack...

You are a part of us and this journey more than you will ever know. You take care of me and my girl with your prayers, healing thoughts, and practical help.

You sent me Starbucks gift card through my email (you know who you are).

Not only that you have shown up on my doorstep with a hot cup of espresso for gracious sake!! (you have my undying gratitude forever and always)

Now that is true love people!!

As we enter day two of our quarantine/isolation the focus will be on disinfecting surfaces, washing more laundry, making a pot of soup I think and hopefully holding and snuggling a sweet young lady who will be feeling least I hope so...but listening to her trying to breathe through all the muck makes me think it will be another challenging day.

Call me crazy but that how my life goes ya know...

this scent will now be forever linked to the Great Poopapalooza of 2013...
trust me it works wonders...
SO thank you for being here out in cyber land and in my email one more time for me and my daughter. Thank you for praying for us both through yet another medical challenge.

Just ...thank you...

~ Capturing the context of contentment in everyday life ~

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