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Oh what a week we have had here at Chez Lenaburg. LOL! How many times do I start a blog post this way? Probably way to may times. Oh well, not the most original opening but I am only on my second cup of coffee so forgive me.

Miss Courtney has survived her quarantine and is on the mend thank you Lord. She is smiling once more which is a good indication that her tummy and lower regions are not bothering her as much. Yippee!! So now we just have to tough out the remainder of the upper respiratory gunk to move it's way through, Not fun, but it doesn't require us to remain home. She is no longer contagious...wahoo!! I cannot tell you how excited we are. Well, you can read my post from yesterday...I was a wee bit excited...yep...a little bit...anyway...

This week we are going to direct out focus outside. Needless to say, it was a mess. I did not do anything for the last six months during fall and winter other than clean out the gutters and remove the largest piles of leaves. Everything else was left to nature and man did we have some work to do to get ready to plant the summer garden.

Have I shared with you how much I detest outdoor work? I do not have a green thumb at all and if anything grows it's because God sprinkled His garden love over it and not for anything I did, believe you me.

In order to understand the "pretty" portion of this process, you have to see the before photos. So here is my front bed where I plant my herbs.

Here is the bed to the side of the front door where we will be planting our tomatoes and peppers this year.

Now for the after. Thanks to the hard work of my two mother's helpers, Miss Hannah and Miss Victoria, along with some grunt work from little old me, we made something horrid into something beautiful. Here you go for the after.

I totally forgot to take a picture of the side bed, but use your imagination. Trust me when I say it's pretty. I am so proud of us! The mint that had taken over my herb bed has been transplanted into the red pot and my other herbs have a shot at regrowth. Phew! Gardening is not for the week of heart my friends.

While we were working outside Miss Courtney was inside being serenaded by her Papa. She loves it when he sings to her. Just look at that happy my girl...

This was taken yesterday during my little moment of joyful celebration in leaving my home for the first time in seven days. Not the most flattering photo ever taken...Okay it's horrid...but it makes me smile and that's all that matters. Yes, I was excited to head out and I was moving quickly so my son took an odd photo...let's just say I did not need anymore caffeine at that moment.

During our quarantine, things were a wee bit chaotic. Miss Courtney was having blowout after blowout and in the first two days we ran out of her disposable chucks so I had to improvise. I used two other adult diapers as a "catch all" in her soft chair where she sits during the day. Not pretty but I was so proud of myself for my ingenuity.

Of course we didn't always "catch" everything so that's where my new favorite household tool came in handy. I think I should buy stock in the company. We went through two whole canisters during this illness. So glad we had them. Saved me doing some seriously icky laundry.

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