Before the black plague descended...

oh what a day we have had.

miss courtney began having trouble yesterday afternoon. her nose became a waterfall of snot and she was having trouble swallowing with all the drainage. she aspirates thin liquids so i was worried that she was doing that.

i spent the evening suctioning her and watching.

then the fever started.

then the grand-mal seizures started.

then at the lovely hour of 1 a.m. the diarrhea began.

that was fun.


i immediately began a regimen of pedialyte every two hours so we could try to avoid the e.r. for dehydration.

more poo at 4 a.m.

again, not fun.

more seizures at 5 a.m. rough and scary but she got through them

6:30 a.m. the fever spiked to 104 degrees.

tylenol, seizure meds and more pedialyte given.

more poo.

my poor girls bum is just not happy.

called the doc as soon as the office opened.

10 a.m. drove to the doctors office, all the while miss courtney was dripping and drooling, sneezing and snotting down rt 66.

we arrived at the docs office and in the next hour courtney was diagnosed with a sinus infection, an upper respiratory infection and the intestinal flu.

oh's a real winner, winner, chicken dinner combo for my girl.

there are antibiotics and pedialyte for the next 48 hours and then we can re-start her formula if she handles things well.

the number one concern is de-hydration closely followed by aspiration pneumonia. this type of illness can turn into something much more serous quickly for someone like miss courtney who has a very wimpy cough so thereby has trouble clearing things out.

12:15 a.m. we get our marching orders from the doc and head home.

on the way home i stopped at the local starbucks because i had been caffeineless for more than 36 hours and i was dying a slow painful caffeine-free death.

my day was going so well that as we got back on rt 66 driving home, miss courtney sneezed.

now courtney cannot blow her nose so when she sneezes, it's very...ummm...productive shall we say.

she sneezed half her brain out at one time leaving a dead slug looking thing on the windshield (sorry for the graphic image but it's accurate. gross but true)

in my efforts to assist her and not get into an accident my iced latte went flying right down the front of my shirt.

latte abuse, i know. i know. it's distressing.

i could not stop on 66 and i was in a desperate crazed state so i started sucking on my t-shirt like it was a caffeinated pacifier.

i kid you not.

then the tears came.

mine, not courtney's.

overwhelming exhaustion, serious mama worry, no caffeine, more icky poo and more snot, meet mary who is now experiencing a mini-breakdown.

some days the line between sanity and insanity is pretty darn thin. today it's non-existent.

we finally arrive home and there is more icky poo to change. how this young woman has anything left in her intestinal track is a mystery.

she is sleeping now, finally.

the hardest part is that the day is not over yet. that makes me a little afraid of what is waiting for us this evening.

heaven help us both.

we are now on a doctor ordered quarantine for the next ten days. no one in or out of the house except the other two brutes who live here.

so all my plans for the weekend and next week are gone. done. will not be happening.


we are off to stay hydrated and hopefully the antibiotics will work so my girl will feel better soon.

mama misses her sleep.

** i have found that during these times of isolation that praying for others needs while caring for miss courtney, helps me stay happy and focused instead of falling into the pit of self-pity and despair. so PLEASE leave your intentions in the comments section or if you wish to be more private or you don't have a web presence to be able to leave a comment please email me at

**PLEASE help me survive the next ten or so days and tell me what to pray for. i wonder how many souls in pergatory will be released for every icky diaper i change...hmmm...holy diaper changes...who knew???

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