a day of celebration...

Today was a wonderful day for my extended family. My niece Harleen received her First Communion and as with any sacrament it's always such a joy for me to see the next generation step up to receive their inheritance as Catholics.

It was a perfect spring day for this wonderful event. Everyone was dressed to the nines and Miss Harleen looked beautiful all dressed in white. Here she is below three of her five Uncles, her Daddy and me her very favorite Auntie. We are missing two Uncles and one Auntie who could not join us but we kept them all in our thoughts.

Miss Courtney and her Papa stayed home since she is still struggling a bit with her sinuses and this horrible allergy season( and sneezing up a storm). It's also a two hour drive which she would not tolerate so well while building up her endurance. Big brother jonathan had to work so it was just me today, a rare occasion indeed.

I chose to wear an outfit of fuchsia and black. This is a new combo for me and I was pretty happy with it. I think I may need to hem my skirt an inch or two though. With the peplum-ish top I think it needs to be shorter.

I stepped outside the box with my accessories as well using a trick I have seen on Pinterest. I pinned a fabric flower to my beaded necklace thereby creating a new necklace. Pretty cool!!

I also added a fuchsia belt instead of the black one it came with. My shoes are from last summer and so comfortable. I knew I would be in them for hours and comfort was key.

Anyway, enough about me. This day belongs to Hareleen and her family, my younger brother Dave and his beautiful wife Ruby and other daughter Maya. There is so much joy when the family gathers and we celebrate one of our own.

These two beauties above are not only my nieces Miss Samantha and Miss Maya but also two of my goddaughters. I have been so blessed to be spiritually linked to such beautiful young ladies.

God is so good to me.

Truly He is.

Grandma was thrilled to be surrounded with seven of her eighteen grandchildren. Look at these goofballs. Pretty soon we will be attending weddings and baptisms of their children. 

Yowza, where does the time go my friends. 

Next week it will be AJ's turn to celebrate his First Communion. How I love being a part of a large family. Always someone to celebrate.