a first communion and some recipes...

Here is the man of the hour...my hubby just sent it by phone...

Good Morning Dear Ones.

Happy Saturday to you! Miss Courtney and I are hanging at home this morning while she is dealing with a few "female issues". Yes, even special needs young ladies have to deal with PMS and cramps. We do indeed live in a fallen world after all. It's all Eve's fault.

Anyway, my hubby is down south representing the fam at my nephew AJ's First Communion. We had all planned to go together but then as we all know, Miss Courtney rules this home with whatever is happening in her world.  So we made the decision yesterday that I would stay back and Jerry would go. he is AJ's Godfather and this is a pretty important sacrament, so he got to go.

Nancy showed me these gems in the latest issue of the Taste of Home magazine. I knew they had to be made for this weekend. Oh are they tasty little wonders with pretzels, m&m's and coconut.
Loaded - Up Pretzel Cookies = WINNER!!

Since AJ's Mama and Papa are dealing with the difficult pregnancy of Miss Annabelle Grace, my Mom and sisters-in-law's decided that the best thing we could do for them was to provide the party to celebrate this special day, from the decorations to the food.

AJ chose to have grilled hamburgers and hot dogs for the main dish and my Mother and sister-in-laws are filling in the table. My job was to take care of the sweets and veggies. I spent the latter part of this week happily baking away. I shard many of my photos on Instagram and Facebook and my email was flooded with requests for the recipes. Since I can't be there, I thought I would share them with you today.

find the recipe here...

AJ asked for mint chocolate chip "flavors" when it came to his baked goodies. So I found this recipe from My Baking Addiction and it was a home run. These cupcakes are rich and moist. The key is to make sure they completely cool in the cupcake pan before you remove them or they will fall apart. they need to set up a little. They taste like you are eating a bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream.

the yummy recipe here...

I made the two different frostings but decided against doing the "double frosting" technique on the website. I just topped them with either mini chocolate chips or chopped up Andes Candies. I know he is going to love them!!

Of course every special occasion requires a show stopper. AJ's is a cross cake that my BFF Christine decorated for me. I am incredibly blessed to be surrounded by so many woman with so many varying talents. I am always amazed at how God connects us through the years and allows the beauty of each individual in the friendship to shine through. She did a phenomenal job and it will be quite the hit today. I have no doubt.

I purchased the pan at the local bake shop as well as the cake board.
I used a Duncan Hines Butter Yellow Cake mix the frosting is the
Wilton Buttercream recipe.

Finally, here is a photo of the happy family that Jerry sent me by phone this morning. Please keep Mama and Papa in your prayers as they await Miss Annabelle's passing into God's hands. She is already such a part of our family. Also say prayer for AJ on this his very special day.

To all you Mama's out there...
Happy Mother's Day!!