annabelle grace green...a new saint in heaven...

In the wee hours this morning, my beautiful sister-in-law Nancy gave birth to her fifth child, Annabelle Grace Green. She was stillborn.

My heart breaks. There are no words that can ever truly heal a mother's heart when she loses a child, no matter the circumstances.

You all have prayed for my brother Andy and my sister-in-law so faithfully as they have traveled this road these last few weeks. God has woven His perfect plan for this child and her parents, and today she rests in His arms.

We are heartbroken and yet relieved in the same breath. Nancy came through well physically but I know the emotional journey toward healing will take time.

I ask for your prayers this day for my brother, his wife and their four other children as they all process this loss in the coming days and weeks. This precious baby girl was conceived in love and never for one moment knew anything but love. She was perfect and whole in God's eyes as well as her parents. Trisomy 18 be damned.

Annabelle Grace Green, you were a miracle. Even though we never got to see your smiling face here on earth, I look forward to the day when I get to see you in heaven.

You will always be a part of us. You will be missed my sweet girl.