five favorites - vol. 3...

I haven't done a Five Favorites post in a bit. Since it's raining outside and I definitely woke up on the wrong side of the bed maybe going to the happy side of life will break my bad mood. So we will give it a shot. If you want to join in, head on over to Camp Patton today since Miss Grace is stepping in for Hallie to host this week.

~ 1 ~
I have been looking for an under-eye concealer to help me cover up those nasty dark circles that have recently appeared due to my lack of sleep. Since I have seriously sensitive skin with Rosacea, I usually tend toward Bare Minerals or Clinique makeup. I found this eye brightener and this one that is called well-rested. Oh how I would love to feel well rested let alone look well rested. So I may give these a try. Anyone else out there use these products? Thoughts or suggestions are always welcome.

~ 2 ~
Is this not the most fabulous cookie jar on the planet?? So cute. So fun. I just love the whimsy of it.
available from Anthropologie
~ 3 ~
I really like this combo from the Gap. I need to figure out how to duplicate it without buying anything new. I have a scarf that is similar and I also have fabric that would work for the top and could probably sew something similar. I would most likely replace the skirt with a solid dark denim one. I really like the causal feel of this outfit. It's very put together yet comfortable.That's the key for me this summer. BTW - the shoes are awesome.

available from the Gap

~ 4 ~
I have had a challenging time keeping up with things lately. Miss Courtney's therapies and daily care are taking up most of my days. I empathize with all of you new Mama's out there. Between my lack of sleep and full calendar I am feeling taxed to the limit. I have truly fallen down on the job as far as the families evening meal is concerned. Tonight I actually have a plan to make this Simple Shrimp Scampi recipe from America's Test Kitchen. I'll let you know how we do.

Do you have any "go to recipes" for those times in life that feel overwhelming or for nights when you know you just don't have it in you to do any elaborate cooking? Please share...I would be so grateful.

~ 5 ~

I need to make a few new tablecloths and napkins for our kitchen table. I like to use quilting cottons that wash and iron well. I know you probably think I am nuts, but nothing that I have seen lately in the stores has really inspired me, so I think it may be time to dig deep into my fabric closet and bring out something fun. Gingham...I am thinking gingham...