gratefully exhausted...

I am bone tired, just wrung out. I have hit a wall. It is 5 p.m. EST and my day is far from over. Miss Courtney had surgery this morning and praise God she came through it with flying colors.  There was no nerve damage and she can blink her eye just fine. Thank you God!

Our day started at 5 a.m. and Courtney was not really thrilled to be up so early. We arrived at the hospital right on time and began the incredibly long pre-op process for a special one like Courtney. They marked her face like a Cyborg so no mistakes would be made by the plastic surgeon.

Of course we wore or lucky striped socks. Daddy picked them out special for today.

There were doctors to see. Anesthesiologists to consult with. Medical students to brief. IV's to place and moles to remove. My friend Christine joined me since Jerry had meetings scheduled all day long and he is NOT very fond of hospitals. Trust me hen I say that was one of the best choices I made all day. Having someone with you who can make you laugh is ket to surviving the day.

Of course she got to laugh at me as well. They say blue is my best color. What do you think?? Not to worry I left this spicy little number at the hospitl. I think it was just way to sexy for Jerry to handle.

My girl looked like she had been in a street fight when she got to recovery. The hardest part is that she needs to keep her hands away from her face. Let's just say this is will be the hardest challenge for us. She is constantly wiping her nose or scratching her ears. Now she can't do any of that without damaging her stitches.

Can you say Parrrr.Teh! Oh yeah baby...this is going to be awesome. On the way home from the hospital I needed to come up with a easy to protect her stitches. This is what the nurse and I came up with...

Ayyyeee Matey! There is a pirate in the house! Needless to say she is NOT happy at all. I think sleeping will be a challenge tonight since she cannot scratch her face. I am even more tired just thinking about it.

Thank you so much for your prayers and kind thoughts. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate them. Truly I do and so does my girl. We will need them all this week as she begins to heal. We will be home for the remainder of the week as allowing her to heal in a protected environment. Her stitches will come out in two weeks.

An update on my sister-in-law Jalanna who lost her home and all she own in the Moore, Oklahoma tornado yesterday. She is safe in Norman, OK with my in-laws at a hotel. Her precious dog did make it though the storm and she is so grateful for that. If you wish to help her directly with re-building please donate here. We will send the funds raised directly to her. Please keep her and all those affected in your prayers.