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This has been a long week filled with lots of house purging and reorganization. I am always amazed at how much stuff one can acquire in twenty-five years of marriage. Last week I got the pantry squared away...again...this week I needed to make my way through the piles of cooking magazines that have been piling up for quite some time, plow through the ironing basket as well as get the laundry folded and finally put away. Add to that Miss Courtney's daily needs, a major plumbing issue mucking up the works and Jerry's 60 hour plus work week and I admit that I am flippin exhausted and overwhelmed with all that still needs to be done.

In an effort to distract myself for a moment or two let's take a little peak around Chez Lenaburg this week as I celebrate the little moments of sweet laughter and personal accomplishment that contribute to making each day bearable.

You're probably tired of seeing this smiling face but I never tire of her wonderful countenance. Miss Courtney continues to defy the odds and make a new path for herself in this world. She is only suffering one seizure a day at the moment which is just such a HUGE miracle. She laughs everyday and finds great joy in her Papa's voice and her brothers laugh. Next week the mole on her face goes bye bye. No more infections. Yay!

Today Miss Tori was here for her weekly visit. She and Miss Courtney really enjoy each others company. I love how Court always leans into Tori or her big sister Hannah when they are close by. It's like she wants to make sure that they know how much she loves them. So...she leans in. It's her way of hugging her friends. It's awesome.

This morning when my friend Christine was dropping of the girls, she stayed for a moment to help me with a picture hanging project. While we were doing this I asked my son to sweep off the front porch and brush off the cushions from the porch furniture. This is what I found about ten minutes later.

I didn't realize cleaning off the front porch would involve a battle of epic pillow proportions. Boys. One is 23, one is 18 and one is 8. Boys. They will always be boys no matter what. At least my porch is clean now.

This is what I piled through today with the help of my two sweet helpers. Baskets of cooking magazines each enticing me with their scrumptious recipes and beautiful photography. So many choices to make.

I am so proud of us! We did it. I have a file folder filled with lovely inspiration and my recycling bin is full. Now to get to work cooking and baking. Yum!!

~ Capturing the context of contentment in everyday life ~

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