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This week's edition of pretty, happy, funny, real will be quick since I am on a baking binge today prepping for the second First Communion in our family to take place this spring. It is a busy sacramental season this year leaving me little time to ponder. there are cupcakes and cookies to be made. So let's get to it shall we...

This past weekend my sweet niece Harleen made her First Communion. She looked so beautiful in her simple dress and pearl headband.

Harleen and her Grandma (my Mom) on her special day...

Not only did we get to share time together as an extended family but we had some fabulous food while we were visiting. My brother and sister-in-law really know how to put on a spread.

Tomatoes, english cucumbers, bocconcini and fresh herbs are a fabulous
compliment for the spicy shrimp.

It was a tradition growing up that every special occasion there would be spicy old bay shrimp on the table. This weekend did not disappoint. Sweet Molly there were delish!

We believe in passing down the traditions in our family. You know...only the important ones like how to prepare the Sangria. Not to worry, only the adults drank this happy elixir.

Nothing makes a room full of adults happier than a special little drink. This time it was a lovely sangria with fresh oranges and Cointreau liquor. We were all so very happy.

There were many pictures taken this weekend. It made me think of when I was younger. The picture below is of myself and my seven siblings along with my Grandmother Stuecken (my Mom's mother). Just look at those knuckleheads...

oh yeah...photogenic as all get out...
Now look at some their offspring with my mom, their Grandmother...

I know, I know...the apple does not fall far from the tree does it.

Today I am in the kitchen baking up a storm for this weekend's family event. My nephew AJ will be receiving his First Communion on Saturday. He has requested mint chocolate chip cupcakes. Aunt Mary is here to oblige him on his special day.

I will post pictures form this weekend next week. Until then, the kitchen calls! Have a wonderful Mother's Day!!

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