the joy journey @ fine linen and purple...

I'm so excited...I am jumping for joy!!
Well my dear readers...I have done it again. I have jumped off the edge of a cliff and am now praying for the Holy Spirit to put it all together before I drown in my inner critic's constant barrage of perfectionist psycho babble. 

Beginning today, I will be writing a weekly blog post called "The Joy Journey" on the fabulous blog Fine Linen and Purple. Emily and Kendra are just the finest examples of beautiful catholic womanhood and I am so honored to join them weekly, even if I'm the only one with grey hair.  I will be writing  about all the phases of catholic womanhood and trying to find the joy between the diapers and the dishes.

I admit to you now that I am terrified that I will run out of things to say. I can hear my husband laughing right now, but seriously I want to encourage and lift you up wherever you are on the journey toward heaven. I hate dissappointing people and failing in a public venue is beyond the pale.

So I need some friends to join me in this journey. Come know you want to meet a few new people and maybe share your wisdom or even learn something new.

So come on over to Fine Linen and Purple and say hello...share the love won't you??


It’s a big day on the blog! Today Emily and I are so excited to welcome Mary, of Passionate Perseverance, as a new permanent contributing writer on the blog! I’d blab some more, but it’s probably better for Mary to introduce herself…

I am so honored and excited to be a new contributing writer to this fabulous site. Thanks to Kendra and Emily for their confidence in my ability to encourage and support you on your journey of Catholic Womanhood. I pray that my words uplift and never offend.

As we get to know each other, I hope to share some of the wisdom I have learned in the last twenty-five years of married life and twenty-three years of parenthood. If you are single or currently praying for a sweet little soul to join you and your husband, have no fear, there will be something for everyone. That’s what’s so great about the Holy Spirit: His words are all-inclusive.

When deciding whether or not to accept this opportunity, I pondered everything in the world attacking our faith, femininity, and families. As daughters of a King seeking joy in the mundane of daily living, can we find that “sweet spot” between meeting our family responsibilities and lifting our hearts to the One who we truly serve? While we fulfill our individual callings, do we recognize the good work we’ve done each day, regardless if the laundry is folded or dishes put away? Can we gently, yet firmly, respond to the attacks on our faith from the secular world with words backed by sacred scripture? Even if these attacks come from within our own families?


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