the joy journey ~ vol. 1 ~ what really matters...

The Joy Journey is a weekly series on Fine Linen and Purple by moi. Stop by here each Friday for a fresh perspective on living the joyful life!

What’s Really Important
I had a completely different post in mind for today’s Joy Journey but on Monday of this week, a tornado ripped through my sister-in-law Jalanna’s home town and destroyed all she owns in this world. Jalanna is a Special Ed teacher who has dedicated the last twenty-five years of her life to helping those special kids achieve all they can with the gifts they have been given. Now she’s the one in need.

This storm devastated Jalanna’s town and has taken more lives than I can fathom. I praise God that Jalanna’s life was spared, and she feels blessed to be here today, knowing that God has a plan for each of us, tornado or no tornado. But this event has focused my mind and my heart on what is really important in this life.

Faith, family, and love of neighbor.

So, in the aftermath of this natural disaster, how do we recognize what’s really important? How do we get past worrying about our own problems so we can support our church, family, and neighborhoods?

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