the joy journey - vol. 2 @ fine linen and purple...

This week we are going to a deeper place. A broken place. Sometimes in order to find joy, you need to fall and fall hard so that God can use His special super-glue of mercy and grace to put you back together. This week I share one of the many moments in my life when I fell.
 The story will continue next week with Part 2. 
Blessings friends, 
The Joy Journey – Vol. 2

Humpty Dumpty Had a Great Fall . . . and Landed on a Twinkie: Part 1

Everyone has a “whammo” moment in their life. That moment where your world is turned completely upside down. One minute you’re walking down a certain road, the next God shoves you into a sharp right turn, pushing you onto a new road without GPS. 

Sometimes, if we’re really lucky, we are gifted with more than one “whammo” moment in a lifetime. God has that much confidence in us. I know I feel all warm and fuzzy about it, don’t you?

My first “whammo” moment came on September 27th, 1992. My husband Jerry and I were attending my younger brother’s wedding as well as having our daughter Courtney baptized. As I held her in my arms after her baptism, she became fussy. Her face flushed and she got more and more agitated. So I discreetly nursed her to try to calm her down.

A moment later Courtney clamped down and I yelped in pain. She’d curled into my body, her arms and legs pulsating while she struggled to breathe.

She was having a grand-mal seizure.


The next twenty-four hours had us believing we would lose our daughter to some hideous disease or genetic anomaly. After a week in the PICU, we discovered these seizures would be a daily battle for the rest of Courtney’s life. And only God knew how long that would be.

From that day forward, my sweet baby girl’s days were filled with unexplained seizures, doctors and hospitals, therapists and tests, needle prick after needle prick. All caused my daughter pain and agony.

My world has never been the same since.

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