what i wore sunday...vol.18...mother's day edition...

This young man made me a mother 23 years ago. Oh how I love you Jonathan. More than you will ever know. 

SO our day began with the toilet and then the tub backing up leading to the conclusion that the main line coming into the house needs to be snaked out. Nothing like a little plumbing drama to make my Mother's Day 2013 more than memorable. Yay team! 

So, by the time we gave Courtney a sponge bath, washed her hair over a big bowl which she just loved...NOT...got the boys through combat showers as well as my self...I was ready for a nap. Thank goodness for hair styling products and makeup!

My miracle girl...you inspire me to be a better person every single day of my life Miss Courtney. 

We headed off to Mass and then stopped in at a friends house on the way home to say hello and enjoy a cup of cheer and use their facilities just in case we could not get ours working properly. By the time we got home the tub had fully drained and Jerry added some drain cleaner, said a prayer that it would be enough until the plumber arrives tomorrow. Of course this is the payday we pay the mortgage so there is less than nothing in the checkbook to take care of such a repair. All I can say is that I am learning a whole new level of financial trust at the moment. God is ever present with every choice I make. I tell you, this part of my relationship with Him has always been difficult. Needs vs wants baby...do I really need it?? I am finding that there is not much that I truly need the older I get. However, working plumbing is on the need list. SO say a prayer to the saint of plumbers would you. We could use a break here.

Two of the children God chose for me. The other two reside in heavem. My blessing cup overflows...

OK...on to the fashion...today will be fast and furious. All the photo's (above and below) were taken with my phone so please forgive the quality. It's all I can do today. Let's make this as easy as possible...deets are under the photo.

Dress/Dressbarn, Sweater, Belt, Earrings & Bracelet/Lane Bryant
Fabric flowers/The Pleated Poppy (etsy)
I wish you all a Happy Mother's Day and for those of you still waiting and praying for that privilege, know that I will be joining my prayers with yours. God bless you all and enjoy this beautiful day!!

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