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Hello my dear ones...I hope all is well in your world. Things here are slowing down for the summer and that makes me a bit nervous I must admit. I find i actually have some time on my hands these days and since my baking habit needs to be curtailed a bit due to my carb restrictions, I have decided that it's time for few house renovations. I made a to -do list that includes painting a few rooms, re-purposing some furniture, making a quilt or two, some pillows for the living room, curtains, etc.

I decided to start slowly by making some new table linens. My older ones had gotten quite stained and the edges are fraying so instead of spending money not in the budget, I opened my fabric closet and made a few selections then got to work.


I made two sets this week with plans for more. First I chose a french country inspired red and white fabric. I measured my kitchen table and got to work. I used bias binding to make a "ribbon" like effect around the edges, giving it some weight as it hung over the edge of the table. I chose a coordinating fabric to make napkins with.

For the second set, I used a lovely sea blue paisley with a hint of yellow and then a blue and white coordinating fabric for the napkins. My husband really like this one. It made our weekly "date night" that much nicer. I think they both turned out very well. The best part is that they are all washable!


This week we have a visitor of the pooch variety. Lilo is my friend Christine's dog and she is visiting while her family is at the beach. She would not do with with all that sand and surf, so she is here with us.

At least twice a day, we take her for a walk. This past weekend my husband figured out a way to allow Miss Courtney to "walk the dog". It was hysterical. First, he attached her leash to the foot pad of Court's chair, then hooked up the puppy and off they went.

Miss Lilo is such a sweetie, unless she is eating toilet paper or kleenexes. Then not so much. This little visit has shown me that we are not quite ready for a new puppy in our life. We have enough on our plates with the lovely Miss Courtney.


Miss Lilo has been quite the guard dog since coming to visit. It's so funny as she barks at anything that moves outside the picture window.


It is now officially summer grilling season. Oh how I have missed it. A cool breeze, a charcoal grill, meat on the fire, fresh veggies on the side all washed down by a cool crisp beer.

Now that's summer...

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