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Beter late than never they say. Thank goodness Auntie Leila and the girls have the {pretty, happy, funny, real} link-up up for another day or two. This way when I actually get my act together, I can post something.

We shall call this the "There is a rabbit eating my garden edition and Mama ain't happy about it!" edition.

I was so excited to garden this year. I read book over the winter, I ordered seeds and with my sweet little friend Hannah, we drew out a garden plan. The seeds went in and we have been diligent with the watering. We were all so excited when the tiny little green shoot appeared.


We planted the lettuce very late in the season and it is just now coming up. We shall see how much we get. I am not expecting a bumper crop by any means.

The other boxes are doing well. The zucchini will be up in another few weeks as will the peppers. The squash and pumpkins to the side of the house are growing well. I need to weed though.


The tomatoes are going gangbusters. I can't wait until late July when we can have fresh caprese salad with the tomatoes and out home grown basil.

Oh this photo make me so happy. Just think pesto baby! Yummo!


This herb garden has provided shade for two little bunny rabbits that we have seen in the yard as of late. They dart out every time I pull the car into the driveway. I never knew oregano and rosemary provided such a safe shady place for my little friends. I don't have a photo of the rabbits since they move too fast. I just have the herbs.


So, the critters have been identified but I have no idea how to keep them away from my garden?? This is the destruction they wield...

Just plain ugly. HELP my gardening friends/ What does a girl do? This is what I really want to do...

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