south paw...

Thank you all for your kind comments and encouragement yesterday. It was not my finest hour I will say. But then lately I haven't had a lot of those. It seems Mary is in a bit of a funk these days. Can't really explain the why's or how's but life has been hard these days.

There is a lot of uncertainty in life these days. I know. There is always uncertainty in my life. But at the moment it's hit the tilt meter. I am stressed out, tired, and worried wondering how I am going to get it all done.

Miss Courtney is doing so well these days. I mean it's like night and day from a year ago. This child is singing everyday, she laughs, she is moving around on the ground, trying to roll back and forth. She is waking up more everyday and it's just amazing.

So why am I struggling so? You would think I would be doing the happy dance 24/7.

I am...when I am actually awake. You see along with this fabulous new world opening up for Miss Courtney, she is not sleeping as much. There is just too much to do you know. Twenty years of sleepy time to make up for. Since she can't be left alone unless she's sleeping, this means that Mama get's to spend lots of time reading, singing or rubbing a certain princesses tummy late at night. All this while needing to make sure the rest of life is getting the attention it requires makes me one very tired lady.

Add in constant hot flashes and menopausal symptoms and other life stressers, this gal is feeling a little overwhelmed. I know, I really shouldn't complain. God has granted our girl yet another miracle, so I just need to get over myself already.

I will and I promise there won't be any Twinkie's involved. I am happy to say that these days I am handling the emotional overeating fairly well. It's the little things you know.

Anyway, I haven't felt much like writing since everything I write these days is pretty much a whiny rant but in the spirit of keeping things very real here in this space there is some other good news to share.

Today during Occupational Therapy a great discovery was made. Courtney is left-handed. My girl is a south paw.

Who knew?

All these years we have thought she was right-handed but after watching her today go through the exercises, the therapy team has determined that she is left hand dominant.

It's like a a light bulb has gone off.

Now we will work with her to try and hold her own spoon to help her feed herself. She tried it today for the first time with her left hand and she did it! I mean it was messy and she tried to feed her ear a time or two but she did it.

So now once her little hand brace comes we will begin to work on this new skill at home. It will take some time to get her to do it on her own, but I have full confidence she can.

She is on her way...well after she get's some sleep...

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