the joy journey - vol. 6 ~ one dress, three ways...

Here is this weeks blog over at Fine Linen and Purple...enjoy!

This week I was checking my Facebook and I came across this post from Kendra on the Fine Linen and Purple page.

“Many linkers mention that they are sorry they are “reusing” an outfit again, or poking fun at having “only 3 church outfits” or trying to hide the fact that they are wearing the same pants as last week, etc. Even crazier is when one of y’all declares you are sitting a week out simply because you showed that outfit too recently and are embarrassed at your small wardrobe.”

Ladies there is NOTHING to apologize for. This awesome website is built around celebrating our catholicity, femininity and natural beauty. We are here to lift each other up and cheer each other on as we follow the vocation God has given each of us. It doesn’t matter if you have a small wardrobe or a large one. It doesn’t.

I started participating in #WIWS to challenge myself to continue on my weight loss journey, step outside my comfort zone and step up my game as far as dressing for Mass. I had fallen into a huge rut as far as dressing goes. So I decided to take a chance and participate.

I have had so much fun. I have always been encouraged, cheered on and at times gently pushed to try something different. I have met so many wonderful women online and I find such joy following all of you and celebrating your unique style. What a privilege to be included in your ranks.

In my former life, as in before marriage and children, I was a wardrobe consultant and a personal shopper. I shopped for a living and it was so much fun. Then life threw me a curve, or seven million, I gained a TON of weight and suffered from horrible self-esteem because of it.  I turned in on myself and lost my mojo. I am slowly getting it back one day at a time. I still struggle at times with body image and the #WIWS link-up has helped me tremendously in that area of my life.

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