what i wore sunday ~ vol. 22 ~ happy father's day!!

It has been a very busy week here in Lenaburg Land. There has been sewing and deep cleaning done in Miss Courtney's room and the office. There has been weeding and watering in the garden, Hopefully this will lead to eating later in the summer. We had company for the last two days of the week so busy, busy, busy is the name of the game.

Given these circumstances Jerry and I decided to go to Mass on Saturday evening since we had to teach and NFP class right before. This way I only had to think about what to wear once. My brain has been in sllllooooowwwww motion all week long and the decision on what to wear almost put me into a catatonic state. It is hot here in Northern VA and the humidity is out in force. For this menopausal woman, those are always the deciding factors in what I wear these days.

I chose a dress from ElizaJ (with pockets!!) that I purchased on a fabulous sale at the Mall. This dress retails for $120 and I purchased it for $62. It is one that I can wear with leggings in the fall as well so I felt it was a good purchase for me. There is a elastic waist that is a bit snug at the moment, but hopefully will get more comfortable as the weight continues to come off. I also really like the neckline. Flattering without displaying the bazoombas. Perfect! Add in a pair of green dangly earring and matching flats and off to NFP we go.

Miss Courtney did not sleep well the night before, so she was not very interested in what I was dressing her in for Mass. As you can see in the photo above...LOL! You always know how my girl is feeling.

The big surprise in her outfit was her sandlas. It is finally warm enough for her to go without socks, so of course Mama had to purchase a new pair of cute sandals to celebrate this fact. Thank you Striderite for the lovely savings coupon. These are quite the colorful little numbers. They include all the colors of Miss C's summer wardrobe, so you will see them quite a bit here.

Her blouse is from the sale rack at the Gap. I am a huge fan of the ruffled details. It always adds a feminine touch to a classic garment. Her skirt is from Forever 21. She has had this skirt for four years now and wears it all year long. It has a drawstring waist so no matter what her wait she can wear it. I love that feature.

I hope this day finds you having a wonderful Father's Day celebrating those who gave each of us life. Blessings and grace friends...until next week...

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