what i wore sunday - vol. 22...

This morning we were running behind, so Jerry only took one or two pictures. He was the lector this morning and a little stressed because he did not practice the reading slat night. Not to worry though he did a wonderful job as always.

Miss Courtney's Mass behavior however was not her best. I guess it really wasn't here fault that once she heard Daddy's voice reading, she began to giggle and call out to him. Cute the first time. Not so much the 23rd time, so out into the vestibule we went. Then she heard our dear friend Deacon Marques read the gospel and give his homily.

Thank goodness we were outside because she sounded like a bellowing whale trying to get a mate's attention. Smiling and happy, she was oblivious to her Mother's stress.  It's the story of my life. Courtney sings at the top of her lungs during church and Mom stresses out. Oh well...it's a dance we know well.

As for what we wore, Miss Courtney wore a lovely linen blouse I got on sale last summer.It's charter Club from Macy's. her skirt is a ruffled tier. It started as a dress from eShakti, but when I couldn't get her in it using the side zipper ( she has difficulty moving her left shoulder) I decided drastic action was called for. So I cut off the top of the dress and made it into a skirt.

My big lesson...only buy/make dresses for Miss Courtney that have a back zipper.

My dress was a great find. I got it at Macy's during one of their HUGE weekend sales, using two different coupons. It's a Neema dress which usually retails for $120 and I purchased it for $42. SCORE!! Since I am still losing weight, I am really trying to not spend a lot of money on clothing. I just want to be smart about my purchases and make them go as far as they can.

My bubble necklace is from Amazon bought for a whopping $7.99. No joke. My shoes were bought two summers ago. They are so much fun to wear. I don't even know who made them, I just know I got them on sale at DSW.

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