what i wore sunday ~ vol. 24...

Today I dressed down a bit for Mass since I was going straight to a date with my mother and sister. We had tickets to a play with the local community theatre and then lunch at the local ale house. We had a delightful time. I don't get the opportunity to visit with both of them at the same time these days so when we are together we have fun.

As my hubby was taking pictures this morning, the battery on my good camera died so the photos of Courtney are taken with my PHD camera (push here dummy). You can really tell the difference in quality, so I apologize. We had ten minutes before heading off for Mass so this is what we ended up with.

Miss Courtney embraced her inner Independence Day and went with a literal Red/White/Blue translation. She is wearing a white silk blouse from JCPenney, jeans from the Gap, Navy Keds from Stride Rite, and a red cotton eyelet blazer also from JCPenney. In her hair we have a head band from Target. She actually kept in in for the entire Mass. Yes, miracles do happen.

I am wearing my new favorite pair of pants. Why are a pair of yellow cropped pants embroidered with bumble bees my new favorite things to wear??? Because they are a size SMALLER than the last pair I bought!!!!

Hey, it takes a certain attitude to wear pants that have bees across your butt you know. I am happy to say that I do indeed have that kind of attitude. These pants make me happy, so very, very happy. I bought them on Friday at Talbots. They were having their semi-annual Red Hanger Sale and everything was an extra 30% off the sale prices. I bough these pants for $23...Oh YES!!

The sweater is also from Talbot's but was a gift. The sandals are Kathy and Kelly from DSW. They are so comfortable and go with everything. The bangles, earring and camisole come from Lane Bryant but they are all at least three years old. I can now wear the camisole as a top because it's not glued to my body anymore. (insert snoopy dance here).

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